VESAK Full moon in May : festival in kurama dera 五月満月祭 鞍馬寺 2018

ウエサク祭 京都 鞍馬寺 五月満月祭


FULLMOON (2018)   小雨の中、満月も少し顔を出してくれました;) Full moon came out in clouds!

_RLX0034普段あまり見ることがない夜の鞍馬寺の表情も美しい(2017)  Good to see the temple in the dusk




静かに祈る心の灯火。TOMOSHIBI (2018)

A pathway opens between the heaven and the earth with powerful energy poring through it.


VESAK (2016)


Every full moon night in May

We gather for prayer  …awakening for WORLD PEACE !

Remember we are the part of universe, beyond the bolder, religions, we become one under the fullmoon.

_RLX0156-のコピーmeditation with candles (2017)



We get the power from MAOHSON’s HOBO ( power stick!) 魔王尊の宝棒からお力を授かります(2008)


_RLX0063- 2満月で照らされた魔王尊 MAOHSON under the full moon

_RLX0036-2017出来上がるともしびの姿も、毎年少しづつ違います (TOMOSHIBI 2017)   The shape of TOMOSHIBI is different each year.


2017, I stayed till the dawn, sleeping with my art piece…!  ( right, tree and halo… “bless up each encounter with the nature”)


自然はみんな天からの贈りもの / 目を凝らし見つめるとそこには天の心が輝いている /宇宙のこころが生きている

Flowers, birds, insects, and mushrooms… the nature is the gift from the universe.
If you see close, you find the sparkle of life…the light… its the heart of the universe. (moss 2016)



朝まで続く儀式だった頃の写真。このときも雨。 In the past we all stayed till dawn (2008)


Beautiful green in the dark 夜の新緑もうつくしい(2018)

Shine our souls like stars! 魂かがやかせて生きていきましょう;)


(PRAYER 2017)






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