Relax Baby, B Cool



01. Summer Jam 2015 / SDP
02. Electric Relaxation / A Tribe Called Quest
03. Find A Way / Aloe Blacc
04. A Ver Que Sale / Juan Formell y los Van Van
05. Ruff Enuff / Friendly Rasta
06. Night Crusing /Fishmans
07. World Peace Now /Build An Ark
08. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (DEMO) / Roy Airs
09. Sun Touch / Herbie Hancock
10. Deve Sar Amor / Herbie Mann
11. The Dreaming Mind (pt.1) / Quantic & His Combo Barbaro
12. Whispers From An Angel (ft Jesse Boykins, Anenon & Grayson Gilmour) / Yoshi Horikawa
13. Everything Under the Sun / Nostalgia 77
14. Somewhere over the Rainbow / Judy Garland


photobook link is here… ( you can also read at International Center of Photography NY, or Media center UWE Bristol)     (にほんご)


mixtape for “the house, the window!”   selected by relaxmax(2015)

cover photo and design by relaxmax


名前のない島のおみやげ souvenir from Noname island!


One of the key song for this mix…

Find A Way / Aloe Blacc

I’ve been searchin’, I’ve been lookin’,

I’ve been searchin’ for my soul.

I’ve been lookin’, I’ve been searchin’,

I’ve been lookin’ for a home.

Hear me, follow your soul,

you can find your way.

If you follow your soul, you will find your way.




小説はここに NOVEL is here…



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