He lived in Bristol when I didn’t know much about Punk (80’s!)

RIP MARK Stewart
One of
Bristol’s …
(I only had “Y” got it when I was a teenager…?or early twenties…)

I got the news again on “ insta”

 Daddy G (Massive Attack)’s insta…

I wonder how old Gran is…
(Or RSD Rob Smith, I read they were in a same band…in 80s? and Rob san was telling me that they went to splatter movie together…(eating mashroom! Shroom! West Country…)

Same era as Mark was playing in Bristol?… Mark and Rob san is about same age … 1960(Mark)  or 1959(rob San)…I guess Gran is older than them?

I heard (only once) Rob san’s guitar (he is a guitarist in a different band called “Dub from Atlantis” (ahh.. that venue is gone  … can’t remember the name but I did “poetry reading (poetry Monday!)”…Storks Croft… ah! “CROFT”, isn’t it?!?!

I don’t know much about punk era of Bristol ( I was living in 2002-2004)

…and I remember his comment on insta( “get well soon” was it by him?!)

Light we share

LIGHT WE SHARE  僕らがみた光  My friend Naoki (Discshop ZERO in S … relaxmaxontheroad.com

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