Eternal Honeymoon 貴船

 In between
  Brightest afternoon and  Darkest night


at Kibune shrine, Yui no Yashiro : 貴船神社 結社にて



 Nostalgic New Prophecy for us,

 Eternal Honey Moon to the Universe!




 In between
 Brightest afternoon and Darkest night 



貴船神社 KIBUNE shrine, Kyoto


_RLX0001 _RLX0014  _RLX0021-

ご神木の桂さん  Sacred KATSURA tree!


相生の杉 AIOI NO SUGI (cheddar tree)

They’re growing up together and getting old together…


_RLX0041 _RLX0044 _RLX0046 _RLX0054

奥の院の宵 OKUNOIN at dusk



FUNAGATA ISHI 船形石 is the ship shaped rock

Tamayorihime ( 初代神武天皇の皇母・玉依姫命) , who is the mother of the first Emperor took the boat from Osaka to KIBUNE.( according to the myth)


2020 年の旧暦七夕は8月25日

In Old lunar calendar, TANABATA is on 25th Aug 2020.



Waiting for someone …




In the time of COVID-19,

Kyoto seems distant dream … I really want to go back there peacefully and safely…!












船=boat (transport in Heian era (1000 years ago…They can travel by the boat from Osaka but not Now…)



God of the weather ,

God of the water   

as well…



I wish everyone stay safe!

…and someday,

From around the world

We all could travel to KIBUNE safely and peacefully

With Abundance!



追記 その1





その2 2021年9月18日 市原~鞍馬間の運転も再開


After uploading this blog on 7th July, I just got the news from twitter


Eizan line stopped ( from landslide around Kibune guchi area) and Kibune shrine closed (授与所など)on that day…( and now they have buses instead of trains, check update! ) ,

I wish

no more big disaster from heavy rain …!

They just started again ( from Ichihara to Kurama on 18th Sep 2021)






2019年の夏、貴船に行った時に 降ってきて書きとめた言葉と



poem (english translation from lylics)


In between
 Brightest afternoon and Darkest night 

(2019 TANABATA at  Yui no Yashiro 貴船神社 結社にて)


Our boredom
On the sweetie cloud


Flowers in the bubbly stream
Kept its beauty forever
In between
Brightest afternoon and darkest night


Fakes in our eyes
Same shit on
Holy Christmas day


Speed and noise are
Always with us

Nostalgic summer feeling
Pain We found in the mystery of love
Whispering beauty
In our stereo forever

We always love
Tricks and candy


(In our )World’s end


Surreal and simple slide show goes on …
Floating and sinking
(Suddenly Waking up new reality )
Ever changing shapeless heart
(Blurred vision in you)


Pain in Vain
Afternoon solitude in happiness
It’s Okay (We never know)
 this is the end of the world..



Parasol on the sandy beach
Always in the shade


Sleepy afternoon by the sea
Craziness in the end of summer


Never on time
Cool ‘n’ electric


Ambiguous words
Colourful beauty
Flowing with us


Speed and Noise
Always with us
Nostalgic summer feeling
Pain forgot and remember


Whispering beauty
In our stereo forever
Mixed up vain (pain) in youth


Something in my heart
Calling you forever

You are my lost paradise



(in our )World’s End

Surreal and simple Slide show goes somewhere…


I never told you
Truth and Lies


…and our shameless slideshow
Is still going on
Christmas time is 
soon to come


Tricks and candy in the snowflakes
Endless slideshow for our secret summer love affair


I just couldn’t tell you my feelings


Never told you truth
I’ve been keeping it secret
Christmas time is
Around the corner















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