Photos as the medicine which allows you to expand self healing power…!

A revelation in a dream

In 770, a monk named Gantei had a revelation in a dream. He met Bisyamonten that led him to build a magnificent temple called “ KURAMA DERA” The tree and the rantan with Bisyamonten. (In Kurama dera temple Bisyamonten is a god of the Sun) ©relaxmax


The roots of trees are shown on the ground because of the magma…This road is called “Kinone Michi”. One of the 3 god from mt. Kurama, Maoh son represent the Earth. “Powerful as the Earth” ©relaxmax

In Kurama dera temple They believe 3 gods, Bisyamonten represent the Sun. “Warm as the Sun”. In the grace of the fall sun before the winter arrives. ©relaxmax

Into the Light

The road leads to the top of Mt. Kurama. ©relaxmax

Light within

Remember the light within your heart! These photos are medicine for your soul which allows you to expand your inner self healing power… Powerful Light energy from sacred mount KURAMA! ©relaxmax

The Dragon Pond

Where the dragon lives in the sacred place in Mt. Kurama. ©relaxmax

The Energy of the Universe

Geometric pattern in front of HUDO DO (part of mt. kurama) where you can connect witht the energy of the universe. ©relaxmax

Vesak Festival underfullmoon

Prayer for world Peace… Under the full moon of May a pathway opens between the heavens and the Earth with powerful energy pouring through it, in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the forces of Shambhalla. The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity. “Beautiful as the Moon” Moon represent Qwan in. (Goddess of Mercy) ©relaxmax

Vanishing point

The mountain of the dragon (Ryuga-mine)in the mist (you don’t see but you might feel it ;D) I believe the photo has the power to show ( or make you feel ) something you don’t see with your eyes. ©relaxmax

The Osugi san

The Osugi Gongen is a part of kurama-dera temple which worship old cheddar tree. Powerful place for meditation…one of the highest energy point of Maoh son in Mt. Kurama. (San=Honorific in Japanese… Osugi san) I can see how our ancestors respect the nature. ©relaxmax

この大杉さん(大杉権現)は2017年4月鞍馬寺で展示してる時に撮影。(その後台風で、、、) ここに書いておいたよ、、、

鞍馬 再生の光ーRebirth of Kurama written in 2019 MAY 鞍馬の光で地球を癒すこと Bi …

Light within by relaxmax

Let there be light. We are originally one light from the universe …

Flowers, butterflies, trees, and We human are all part of the universe. Everything We see reminds us that we’ve came from the light.
We find the god in the nature …it’s the reflection of the light within us.
Enjoy each moment and meditate with sacred light in mt.KURAMA with my photos.

I wish all souls are healed and awaken in the light with divine love. Remember the light within your heart!
These photos are from the series “ Light within” (

Photos as the medicine which allows you to expand self healing power…! Powerful Light energy from sacred mount KURAMA!

Note// In Kurama-dera they believe Sonten.

(Sonten is the “Living Soul of the universe”, the “Glorious Light”, and the”Activity of the Soul”)

Sonten is triune God

(The Earth “maoh son”  “Powerful as the Earth”

The Moon “Quwan in”   “Beautiful as the moon” Moon”

The Light “Bishamonten” “Warm as the Sun”)

Kurama 鞍馬 | r e l a x m a x

これはLens Culture に。(10枚だけ選んで、レンズカルチャーはオランダのサイトだから英語で書いた)

他のLight Withinの写真はここに

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